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Top 7 things not to miss exploring the island of Gran Canaria, Spain

Sunsets in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria was a real surprise for us; we never expected to fall in love with this place so fast! After some research before visiting the island, we came up with the top 7 things not to miss in Gran Canaria while exploring the island, and we tried to do all of them. They say it’s the island with the best temperature all year round, and I couldn’t agree more. The lovely weather, the friendly and happy people, the relaxed tourists and even the animals of the island live in perfect harmony. In my vision, the island was perfect: fantastic scenery everywhere you look, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious food and the best sangria. How can you not fall in love? We were there for only 5 days, but every day I thought if it’s possible to move there, at least for the winter!

Gran Canaria is very easy to reach from almost all the European countries, and it’s only 4 hours away from Birmingham, UK, the place where we live. From the airport, we took a half an hour bus ride to get to the capital Las Palmas, and we got a little taste of the scenery. Before leaving the UK, we booked a lovely B§B called La Volpe Rosa in the city of Las Palmas, 5 minutes walking from Las Canteras beach. It was a shared 2-bedroom apartment, very cosy and tidy, with very friendly staff, my favourite part was the little garden where we used to spend the mornings, drinking coffee and eating breakfast. We arrived early, around lunchtime at the hotel, so we changed fast from the winter clothes and went out for our first meal in Spain, paella and sangria.

After the first day of relaxing and enjoying the weather, we started to explore the island and here are the 7 things that I think everybody should see in Gran Canaria:

Top recommended attractions:


I know it sounds like more than one thing to do, but considering the fact that everything is only in one place, we will just do it as one.

Considered one of the top urban beaches in the world, Playa Las Canteras is a perfect mix of the urban life of the city of Las Palmas and the holiday dream of long beaches, pubs, restaurants along the shore and the ocean. The black sand beaches were the spotlight of this holiday. I loved the sun reflecting in the golden sparkles of the black sand so much. If you are a fan of water sports, it’s impossible to go to Gran Canaria and not attempt at least a surf class. The waves are perfect, especially in the North of the island and Las Canteras beach is full of surfers all day long.



Las Palmas has a very picturesque old town with a colonial character, Vegueta being the old historic quarter. For an afternoon stroll around the city, it is a must to wander around these beautiful and coloured streets, where you can see the character and charm of the town. We started with a walk around the old town around lunchtime and finished in the night when the city became alive, people going out for fun and drinks. We stopped for tapas and beer (because we were in Spain after all) at a terrace in the middle of the street, called Canas y Tapas (translated as canes and tapas), so we could observe better the people around us and their behaviour when going out.



One of the best things we did was book a trip around the island with Get Your Guide. We had a fantastic guide who took us from the North to the South on a day trip showing us a little of the authentic places in Gran Canaria. For us, it was a relaxing holiday, so we booked The Lazy Wednesdays Tour, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

We started the tour from Las Palmas, and the first stop was the crater of Bandama, which is an inactive volcano and has impressive views of the island all around. The crater has a diameter of 1,000 meters, and it’s almost 200 meters deep. You will probably be surprised to see that in the middle of the crater is a small house. The old man has been living in that house since he was 11 years old and now, he is almost 90 years old, he knows that in the city is a big hospital and a shopping centre but has never seen any of them.

La Caldera de Bandama in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria



When you go to Gran Canaria, it is a must to go to the highest peak of the island for the amazing view of the cities and the islands around. When you get to the top, you already start to notice the difference between the North and the South. The air becomes drier, harder to breathe, no humidity in the air and all the green vegetation from the North start to disappear, being replaced by cactuses and other plants that don’t need so much water.

At 1949 metres above the sea, Pico de las Nieves (Peak of the snows) offers the most beautiful views of the island, the vegetation, the rocks, the cities and a fantastic view of Tenerife. They say the view is always better from the top and I couldn’t agree more!




My personal recommendation when you visit Gran Canaria is to see at least one typical Spanish village. On our way from the North to the South, we stopped in San Bartolome for a coffee, but we made a bigger stop for food and walks in Fataga, a small village with around 400 inhabitants, which gave me the most authentic feeling. The streets were going up and down around the beautiful houses, the trees and the plants, animals and even small home-owned businesses, coexisting in harmony. There are a lot of small villages everywhere you go on the island, but I would definitely recommend going to Fataga. The road there takes you around the most impressive views of the island, and it’s a great place to stop for some great Spanish food.

On our way back, we stopped for a quick photo in a place the Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria, and I was not expecting this stunning view.

Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria, Spain



Our tour finished in Maspalomas, but instead of going back with the other people, we decided to stay in the city and discover the dunes. Maspalomas is such a tourist area that we couldn’t hear any Spanish around us anymore, but English, German, Dutch and so on. It was such a lovely day and the perfect temperature for the beach, so we started walking around the shore, admiring the dunes from the beach. We decided to lose some clothes and started climbing the dunes in order to get the dessert feel. The dunes stretch around 1000 acres, and it’s a longer way than it looks, but the view is unique and worthwhile.

The Maspalomas nudist beach may take you by surprise. Some people come especially for this beach, while others, like me, get there without knowing about it and wondering why there are so many naked people. After a long day, we stopped for some margaritas close to the Maspalomas lighthouse before heading home. The view of the sunset on the beach doesn’t need any more words, maybe just some photos.


It’s impossible to go to Spain in general and not have their traditional food! When I think of Spain, I think paella, calamari, croquetas, sangria and cerveza! Except for the traditional Spanish cuisine that we can definitely find on the island, I would recommend trying some typical Canarias dishes like:

- Ropa vieja (Old clothes) contains meat (chicken, pork, beef or a combination) mixed with potatoes, garbanzo beans and vegetables, usually served with rice.

- Papas arrugadas (Wrinkled potatoes) with mojos (sauces). These small salty potatoes are very popular in Gran Canaria, especially when you have them with the mojos. The two most common are: mojo picon, made with red pepper, usually spicy and the mojo verde, made from greens like coriander or parsley.

- Conejo al salmorejo is a rabbit stew with tomatoes, often served with patatas arrugadas.

- Rancho Canario is a soup that varies a lot around the Canaries, but the one that I had was prepared with vegetables and chorizo (this was a surprise for me), which were tasty and extremely filling.

Of course, except for the food, this island has typical drinks. The most common ones are the leche y leche (Coffee with condensed milk), the Malvasia wine, the honeyed rum and the banana liqueur. We loved so much this honeyed liqueur from Arehucas (a city in Gran Canaria with a rum factory) that we bought some to take home, but because of the airport rules, we only got one bottle, and we were so happy when we found it on Amazon.

I always think that I needed more time when leaving a place, but I was really happy with my experience in Gran Canaria. I bought myself a small souvenir in the form of a necklace with a world pendant, and now it’s my favourite piece, and I never take it off.

My advice for people visiting the Canary Islands: please go explore the island, forget about the crowded tourist areas and the tourist attractions that keep animals in captivity and force them to do shows! Also, check this Tenerife post, for more inspiration on the Canary Islands.

Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, Spain

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